Why Get Dentures?

Why Get Dentures?

All You Need To Know About Titanium Dental Implants

With the advancement in technology in cosmetic dentistry, the process of dental implants have become simple and non-invasive. If you are struggle with your damaged or missing teeth, or searching for a better alternative to dentures, you should know more about dental implant services. 

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are designed to get fused with your jawbones once places into your jaw. Made of titanium, they act as a foundation for the attachment of your replacement teeth to achieve the functionality of your permanent natural teeth. If damaged nerve or root of your tooth is troubling you, implant provides you the perfect solution. 

Initial Consultation With Your Dentist

You need to consult with your dentist if you are seeking for an implant service in Melbourne. The initial consultation involves x-ray of the specific area of your mouth that will support the implant process. After the thorough analysis of your oral health, the dentist will decide whether you are suitable for dental implants or not. If he thinks that there is enough room for this procedure, then he will move forward for this service. 

The attachment of an implant involves surgical operations. As the implant is fused directly to your jawbone, the recovery time for this surgery may vary from individual to individual. There are mainly two types of dental implants: 

  • Single implants 
  • Multiple implants 

Single Dental Implants 

Single implant procedure involves replacement or restoration of a single tooth. The implant is custom-made to insert into your jawbone. Dental crown is created that matches the colour of your natural teeth to restore your existing tooth. 

Multiple Dental Implants 

Multiple dental implants are used when you need to replace multiple teeth. They secure bridges and dentures to create a more comfortable replacement for your damaged or missing teeth. If case, if you want to replace the entire set of your top or bottom teeth, then the multiple dental implants are set deeper in your jaw to provide a complete support to denture. 

Dental Implant Cost In Melbourne

The cost of dental implants depends on number of factors. Your dentist is the best person to give you an estimate of the total cost involve in this procedure. The price depends on the total consultation fee of your dentist, number of implants, material used for implant and the specifications of the surgery involved. 

Final Thought

Dental implants in Melbourne is a remarkably simple procedure with relatively higher success rate. You need to consult a specialist in cosmetic dentistry for proper guidance and results. He will do a thorough check-up to provide a proper treatment plan based on your specific oral health condition.