What’s The Cost of Dentures in Melbourne?

What’s The Cost of Dentures in Melbourne?

The process of producing a high-quality, affordable denture is a blend of science and art. The look, feel, finishing and functionality play a crucial role as it’s an art of your smile transformation. A loose-fitting, painful, and unaesthetic dentures can affect your eating habit and self-image.

You can’t leave your dream smile to chance. Highly qualified and experienced dentists of Melbourne combine a range of digital technologies with sound design knowledge to create a stunning outcome that is as good as your natural teeth. They are created with an ideal professional aesthetic in mind that is combined with your own personal ideas on how you expect your teeth to appear.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Dentures

A dentist visit is not a comfortable thing for most of us. We avoid visiting our dentist unless and until it’s essential. It’s very difficult to determine the cost of dentures as fees vary a lot from practice to practice. The cost of dentures varies widely. It depends on the number of factors like:

  • The quality of materials used
  • The number of dentist appointments taken
  • Time taken in each of the appointments
  • Laboratory used
  • Location
  • Denture type
  • Experience and reputation of your dentist
  • The complexity of your dental disease
Cost of Dentures In Melbourne

The Quality Of Materials Used

Your dentures are handcrafted items. The cost of your dentures varies largely depending upon the quality of material used and their durability. They are generally custom-made items that are produced on the basis of your suitability, preferences, and budgets. An Average quality denture generally lasts for 5-10 years if proper dental hygiene is maintained.

The Number Of Dentist Appointments Taken

You must pay more if you visit a specialist as opposed to a general practitioner. Specialists hold a qualification in their specialist areas in addition to meeting all the requirements of a general dental practitioner.

Time Taken In Each Appointment

The cost for the same procedures may vary because it depends on the time taken by the patient’s body to perform accurately, the variation on the degree of difficulty, alterations in the treatment methods and materials offered by the clinics for different types of treatments.

Laboratory Used

The laboratory used in the production process of dentures also affects its costs. If you opt for the premium quality full dentures, it will take more steps and visits than the average quality dentures. The process involved in the production of average quality dentures takes less time and visits. Hence, it’s cheaper in cost.


The cost of living in some cities in Australia is higher. Wages and rents are also higher. The dental services in such cities have higher overheads and are likely to charge more for their dental services.

Denture Type

There are many types of dentures in this world. A large variety of materials are used to produce them. The cost of dentures depends on the type of material used, shapes, and design.

Experience & Reputation Of Your Dentist

If the dentist is highly reputed with a wealth of experience, then he may charge more for his service than other general dentists in that area.

Complexity Of Your Dental Disease

The complexity of an individual case also plays a significant role in determining the dental implant cost. Suppose you need a sinus lift or bone graft, then you are going to pay more than the simple dental implant placement.

Final Thought

Price is a big factor but along with the price you should also look for the following important points:

  • Is the dental clinic reputed, clean, and hygienic?
  • Does the dentist have a good rapport with patients and staffs?
  • Do they provide options and inform you of the risks involved?
  • Does the dentist clearly communicate your problems and the possible treatment required?
  • Check whether your dentist is registered or not?

You have the right to ask any questions regarding the recommended course of action. If you feel necessary, never hesitate to take the second opinion also.