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What are The Different Types of Dentures and Their Benefits?

The Denture is a removable plate or frame. It helps to hold one or more artificial teeth. The missing teeth affect your bite, speech, and eating choices. Your teeth play a significant role in your facial structure and appearance where it helps in chewing, eating, smiling, and talking. The denture is the treatment for replacing the artificial teeth for your lost teeth. It is one of the best solutions to fill the gaps where teeth are to be removed due to some intentional extraction, accidental removal, or tooth decay.

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Types of Dentures:
Complete dentures:

 It is used when all the teeth are missing. It is easily removable. It is the replacement of teeth, soft tissue, and bone loss in your entire dental arch.

Partial dentures:

 It is used to fill the gaps in your teeth and it helps to prevent the changing position of your natural teeth.

Classification of dentures depending on patients need:

  • Traditional dentures:

It is a denture that replaces all of a patient’s teeth. 

  • Partial dentures:

The partial denture is convenient and removable so that you can remove it whenever you need it. When you have some of your natural teeth the partial dentures are used. It fills the gap and prevents the natural teeth from changing position.

  • Custom dentures:

It is more expensive. Custom dentures bring a natural-looking smile. 

  • Immediate dentures:

This denture is placed immediately when the teeth are to be removed.

  • Implant-supported dentures:

This denture when implanted gives secure support also looks natural and lasts long.

  • Snap-in dentures:

This denture is the most effective choice. It is convenient and removable like partial dentures. It is implanted when the patient has bone support and doesn’t have any teeth.

  • Overdentures:

It is also removable where it is placed on the upper or lower jaw according to the patient’s need.

  • Upper dentures:

If your teeth are missing in the upper jaw the upper denture is the best solution.

  • Economy dentures:

It is a generic denture which needs a denture adhesive for a secure fit.

Right dentures for your teeth:

You should make sure what type of denture you need permanent or temporary. What type of material do you need? How are you going to maintain the denture? What type of colour do you need? Consult a denture professional who prescribes the best denture according to your needs. A denture professional examines your teeth and jaw and provides the best solution for denture placement. The denture placement is the permanent solution for your tooth loss.

Best way to use your dentures:
  • Wear your dentures continuously that make your mouth adapt.
  • At first, it causes pain while eating so practice eating.
  • Practice talking.
  • Clean it daily using a denture cleanser and brush. 
  • During sleep remove your denture to give rest to your gum.
Benefits of placing dentures:
  • Prevents bone loss:

Dentures help to prevent bone loss. Where the jaw needs to maintain the bone mass and your jaw bone needs the stimulation to maintain the bone mass. So the dentures help to prevent bone loss and maintain the facial structure.

  • Avoid speaking problems:

The missing teeth affect your speech. The denture placement helps to pronounce the word correctly. It avoids speaking problems and regains your self-confidence.

Final words:

The denture is the artificial replacement of missing teeth or lost teeth which resembles your natural teeth.  It is affordable, easy, and convenient. It helps to maintain your facial structure and brings you confidence. The denture replacement helps to prevent bone loss and avoid speaking problems and brings a smile on your face.