Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Bonding

Have you ever felt the hassles of the chipped tooth? It is not only the element to cramp the smile, but will also start causing pain when you leave it untreated. Luckily, tooth bonding is a simple and relatively comfortable procedure that is practised for restoring the broken or weakened teeth. When you compare this treatment with several other cosmetic dental procedures, it is quick, and it will also help you with the long-lasting result to make you confident with a bright smile. Here is all you need to know about teeth bonding noble park.

Working of the treatment

At the beginning of the treatment, your dentist will use the shade guide to choose the composite resin colour that will match with the natural teeth. Your dentist will roughen the surface of the teeth. Then, they will apply the liquid to allow the bonding agent to stick in your teeth. The dentist will later apply the composite resin over the liquid to have the mould or shape of the teeth. Then, they will harden the material to fix it on the teeth using the ultraviolet light. Based on the necessity, the dentist will also work on reshaping it after the hardening as well.

Reasons to go for tooth bonding

Tooth bonding can fix any defect or imperfections found on the teeth. Some people will use the bonding to repair the crack, decay or discolour in the tooth. This procedure is more useful when you have small gaps between the teeth. Further, it will help in increasing the size of the teeth. For example, if one tooth is shorter and the others are longer, the procedure will help you to lengthen the short tooth. The treatment will take from 30 to 60 minutes, where appointments will run for more time based on the condition of the teeth.

Caring for the bonding teeth

Following some tips will help for preserving the wellness of the bonded teeth. Some tips are,

    • Do not bite the nails
    • Avoiding candies and hard foods
    • Brush your teeth twice in the day and floss every day
    • Try to avoid having tea, coffee, and tobacco for the first two days of the procedure to avoid the strains in the teeth
    • Have the regular dental checkups for avoiding complications
How long will teeth bonding last?

One of the questions arises in the minds of the people is how long the benefits of tooth bonding will prevail. The answer will be based on several factors. For example, if you need the bonding at the edge of the tooth, it may not be long-lasting as it will get affected with all the foods you are having. So, the areas were you will chew hard, crunchy or experience more damage and get weakened soon. If the bonding is at the one end of the front teeth, you should be careful. At the same time, when the bonding is at the place where you will not have more issues and need to chew, you can expect the results of tooth bonding for a longer time.

Time to have successful tooth bonding!

Medical advancement paves ways for making yourselves feel confident, comfortable and healthy. One of the best examples is such teeth bonding techniques. So, when you are looking for the clinic or dental expert for the teeth bonding in Noble Park, Australia, there are lots of options in front of you. You need to do some research and know several aspects with the technique for the successful results. Start working for it from now and enjoy the best results out of the technique!