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Single tooth dental implant procedure

Dental implants are the best and effective solution for missing teeth. They can last a lifetime only with good care. Dingley is a city in Australia where you can find more people choosing dental implant surgery even if they have lost a tooth. As many of them prefer doing single dental implant Dingley, the oral surgeon tends to discover more advancement in dental implant surgery. If you are missing a tooth then you can choose a single tooth replacement with a dental implant and is the best permanent solution for a missing tooth. Read on more to know about the single tooth dental implant and its procedure.

Before the procedure

Before the surgery, you have to prepare yourself. At this stage, you can think of the benefits that you can enjoy after the surgery. Once you have decided to do the dental implant surgery then you have to undergo the process and should follow some procedures.

  • Firstly, you have to take a thorough general and oral examination. This will help your dentist to know the tooth problem that you are experiencing.
  • The next is you have to take X-rays or quadrant Denta- scan. Taking such things will help your dentist to know about your mouth structure and the position of your teeth. This will also help your surgeon at the time of dental implant surgery.
  • Tell your dentist about the medications that you are taking already, including the prescription and over-the-counter drugs and supplements. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you have any heart conditions or orthopaedic implants. This prevents you from several infections.
  • To control the pain during surgery you are sedated by giving anaesthesia. So make sure there is someone with you during the surgery to take you home after the surgery. Also expect to rest for the remaining hours of the day.
During the surgery

The single tooth dental implant is often done in several stages.

  • First, the damaged tooth is removed.
  • The jawbone is prepared for dental implant surgery. This may also include bone grafting.
  • Once the jaw bone heals the implant is inserted. Healing time will be given and then the surgeon places the abutment and attaches the artificial tooth on the top. This makes the full implant complete.

This process may take several months for you to prepare and heal. The patient has to be calm and should cooperate until the full procedure gets over.

Bone grafting

The condition of your jaw bone is very important. If your jawbone is not thick enough then you may need to do bone grafting before you undergo dental implant surgery. There are several bone graft materials that can be used for bone grafting. So talk to your dentist about the options and ask them which one will work best for you. Sometimes, bone grafting is done at the same time as the implant surgery.

Placing the dental implant

During the surgery, your surgeon will make a cut to open your gum and expose the bones. Holes are drilled into the bone and the dental implant metal post will be placed. This is implanted deep into the bone.

Placing the abutment

You have to wait for the bone growth. Once it is grown the next thing is placing the abutment. For this, minor surgery is required and is typically done by giving local anaesthesia.

Choosing your new artificial teeth

Once your gums heal you have to choose your new artificial teeth that can be both removable, fixed or a combination of both. After the dental implant surgery, you may experience some discomforts. You may need some pain medications or antibiotics after the surgery. If something goes worse, it is important to contact your dentist.

Therefore this is the procedure of doing single tooth dental implant surgery. Make sure you prepare well before you are getting done with the dental implant surgery.